Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Isn't he gorgeous!

Introducing Ernest Wee..

p/s thanks for the pic tan :)

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all mums out there.. a special dedication to my mum who is currently in Taiwan.

Took the dogs to the beach for a picnic with MIL.. pics from the afternoon

YB and cousins (Humphrey and Emmy counter clockwise) soaking up the sun

Saturday, 10 May 2008

My constant companion

A collage of my constant companion doing what he does best.. snoozing

First Birthday Party

YB attends daycare at k9 Workouts http://www.k9workouts.com.au/. Great place for yourfour legged family member. He loves being at day care and goes on Thursdays when all the labs attend. I picked him up one day and this is what I found!

Off he goes into the boot and when we got home, this is what I found...

He enjoyed his first birthday party tremendously and the girls played soccer with the dogs the whole afternoon. Need less to say that he was sad to leave :(

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Currently reading

I have just finished a book by John Grogan, "Marley and Me". I picked it up from the airport newstand on the way to Sydney and could not resist finishing it within a day! It was hilarious, honest, warm and I could relate to all the adventures being the owner of a mischievious 1 yr old lab myself. I had tears in my eyes when Markey passed away and kept going over his pictures on the website www.marleyandme.com, trying to picture him in life. They are turning this into a movie and I hope that it does the book justice it deserves.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Granny Smith and I

You've probably worked it out by now that I love cooking. I find it very therapeutic especially after a long week at work. Today is another relaxing afternoon with more baking! Having baked the sinful chocolate cake yesterday, I wanted something more traditional as I promised friends at work that I will bring something for afternoon tea. I decided to try my hand at baking an apple slice. This will be my first attempt, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. (its baking away in the oven!).

There are two parts to this recipe, (a) the apple sauce (b) the base & crumbs
(a) Apple sauce
There are also to parts to this, the base and the apple topping. This is my improvisation, I find that the traditional apple sauce doesnt have enough apple bits and even if there are apple bits, its too soft. So I have worked out a different approach, make the base first and then throw in apple bits towards the end of cooking time.

I use two types of apples: granny smith for the base and royal gala for the bits. I also grind my own cinnamon as I find it more economical (no need to buy two variation of the same product) and you will also find that it is more aromatic as it is freshly ground (not like those bottled stuff).

Boil the hell out of granny for about 20 minutes. You'll get a lumpy consistency which you need to put through a blender. Once you have done this, dump in a cup of sugar and ground cinnamon, and boil somemore till mixture thickens. Once it resembles jam-like consistency, throw in the royal gala and boil for another 5 minutes or so to slightly soften the apples. Make sure you keep stirring throughout.

(b) Base

The base is a replication of any pie crust recipe of your choice. I add in more butter to soften the texture. Set aside a small portion of the base to be used a the crumbs. Spread out mixture on a slice pan and bake. Remove from oven and top with apple sauce and then spread the crumbs coarsely over the topping. Bake until crumbs turn golden brown.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

He's not too attentive but he's my sweetheart

Play video to see mutley in action!

Simply Wicked Chocolate Mud Cake

The long weekend calls for a celebratory cake and what's more indulging than a homemade chocolate cake. This recipe is extremely wicked and sinful but the cake is beautifully padat and moist!

Fresh out of the oven

Wicked Icing
Chocolate melts + Butter + Milk, nuke till dissolved
Pour over cake, let it drizzle over the sides.


Farewell to QE 2

Last Friday, I went along to say farewell to the QE2 with my in-laws. This will be the cruise's final visit to Melb as it will be decommissioned (replaced with Queen Vic) and will be converted into a floating hotel in Dubai. We got on the Lady Cutler from Docklands at 8pm and came back on shore at 1.30am. It was so cold on board and the easterly wind was gusty that night that you can feel it in your bones.

The itinerary for the night, includes dinner on the Lady Cutler, cruise along Port Melbourne, and sailing side by side with the old lady herself before parting ways.

The whole event was well organised, and we were also accompanied by a lone bagpiper with his quilt. There was an eerie silence at one point with the bagpiper in the background and the two ships (lady Cutler and QE2) blowing their horns.. such a Titanic moment.... remember when it was about to sink??? yea.. that moment...

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Melbourne.. I'm back again

Pete paid me a visit last October. Back in Melbourne after two years! Yes, it's been that long ago. Here's photos from his trip.

Oh boy...
It's a whole farm in here .. cows, pigs, chickens

Eating at home for a change

At Hungry Jacks

Waiting in queue for Yum Cha in Chinatown

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Emmerson's summer hat and drawstring purse

The Hat

The Purse

All wrapped up and ready to go!


J bought me tickets to Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Musical) for our 2nd anniversary. It was a blast.. the music was good, the characters were excellent and very convincing, given that we werent allowed to take pics in the theatre.. here are pics some courtesy of http://www.priscillathemusical.com/

Had a frozen daiquiri that came in their signature cocktail glass which lights up! How femme..

(daiquiri's not shown here.. its ribena instead)